Products Containing Vitamin C

170920168Everyone knows that when the first symptoms of acute respiratory viral infections is necessary to drink tea with lemon. This is due to the fact that the yellow fruit contains vitamin C. It is worth noting that a lemon is not the leader of the content of this vitamin. There are many other fruits and vegetables that contain vitamin C. In addition, you do not always need to rush to drink vitamin tablet form. It is much more reasonable, eat more foods that contain in its composition a lot of vitamin C.

1. Red pepper. The red pepper contains more vitamin C than oranges. Choose peppers for snacking, and the body will never be a lack of vitamin.
2. Oranges. The orange contains daily rate of the vitamin. Moreover, fiber which is contained in the fruit aids digestion and reduces blood glucose.
3. Grapefruit. With the help of a grapefruit can also cover the daily requirement of vitamin C.
4. Kiwi. Despite its small size, in the kiwi contains a lot of vitamin C. In addition, it has a lot of vitamin C.
5. Broccoli. In addition to this vegetable vitamin C, contains folic acid, magnesium and potassium.

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