Products, Enhances Immunity

27101615In cold weather, it increases the risk of colds and infectious diseases.

In order to protect your body need to constantly improve your immunity. To do this, there are many different recommendations, one of which is the need for the use of certain products that can not only improve health, but also to resist the virus.

One such product that is available to all, is sauerkraut, preferably home-made, as is often under the guise of sauerkraut, pickled cabbage sell, which is due to the presence of vinegar does not have such beneficial properties.

Also, in the winter it is necessary, as often as possible to use these berries, like cranberries, which can be stored in frozen form, in this case, they practically do not lose their useful properties.

For the general strengthening of the body and improve the performance of the digestive tract include a pumpkin in your diet, the more so because, even when stored it retains all its qualities.

Also, eat more seafood, the only thing is that the fish is better to bake or boil.