Products that are Better Not Use During Lunch Time

29101614Many products, whose properties are useful for the human body, but not in the morning, immediately after waking up.

Most of us are accustomed to waking up, first drink a cup of coffee to cheer up, but this can not be done, since caffeine irritates the stomach lining. Therefore, to be useful to drink a glass of clean water, can be supplemented with a slice of lemon.

Everyone knows about the benefits of orange juice, which many people prefer to eat at breakfast, but much more will be good if it drink half an hour after a meal.

Cooking meals for breakfast, should renounce the use of a variety of hot spices, as they may provoke inflammatory bowel process.

One of the most harmful products that currently exist, is sweet carbonated water from which is to give not only in the morning, but in general, because it contains a large number of different food additives is very harmful for the whole organism.