Products that Are not to Be Cellulite

090920162At present, more and more women are faced with such a problem as cellulite. Recognize it very easy – on the buttocks appear “orange peel”. This is not fatal, but it is very spoils the appearance of beautiful female legs. It is worth noting that cellulite can appear not only in obese ladies, but also thin. Let’s see what you need to eat in order not to provoke the formation of cellulite.

1. Bananas. Bananas contain a lot of calories, but they will never be the cause of cellulite.
2. Grapefruit. This fruit contains vitamins A and C. They are able to counteract the formation of orange peel.
3. Laminaria. The seaweed contains iodine, not only, but also antioxidants, which cleanse the human body. Optionally, eat a lot. Eat a little, but every day.
4. Oatmeal. For breakfast, there is nothing better than instant oatmeal. Do not add sugar to it. It is better to give preference to honey.
5. Dried fruits. Instead of candy is better to eat dried fruits.
6. Rosemary. Instead of the usual dill and parsley – use rosemary. With greenery can be perfectly smooth skin in problem areas.

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