Products that are Used Centenarians

21101615Everyone wants to live a long happy life, at least 100 years before, but not all do it, or rather, not much.

Yet, in many countries there are people who have managed to live up to these years, with most of them to 80 years of age, feel quite healthy people.

Scientists, by the fact that they communicated with long-lived, and by conducting research, we found out that, despite the many factors affecting the duration of life, one of the main power supply is correct.

Ration your food should be planned so that it has more attended fresh fruits and vegetables, seafood, as well as sour – milk products. Of course, the meat is also necessary for our body, but at the same time, its use should be restricted and does not give preference to fat varieties.

One of the enemies of humanity was called obesity, which entails a lot of different diseases, significantly shortening our life a century.

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