Products that Have a Good Effect on Sleep

Nowadays, more and more people are experiencing difficulties with falling asleep. The cause of insomnia is stress, excitement. Bad thoughts always prevent a person from falling asleep

But no matter how it was, it is always necessary to fight against such a state. So, what products will help fall asleep?

1. Honey. Yes, yes – honey can be used not only during a cold. This produt helps to fall asleep.
2. Herbal tea. Brew your own herbal tea more often. For these purposes, a nice daisy, mint, valerian.
3. Fish. For dinner, you can always eat a piece of fish. This product contains substances that help to calm down (group B vitamins, tryptophan).
4. Hummus. The product contains vegetable protein, which helps a person fall asleep more quickly.
5. Eggs. Boil the egg. Its unique properties will help to get rid of insomnia once and for all.
6. Milk. In addition to calcium in milk contains tryptophan. This substance helps to fall asleep and calm down.

To avoid problems with falling asleep, you need to slightly adjust your diet. Sleep on health!

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