Products that Protect Against Colds

230920164Everyone knows that people in the fall ill more often than in the other period. This is due to the fact that the weather is changing and people have not time to adapt to new weather conditions. Moreover, many do not dress for the weather. All this may eventually cause colds. To protect themselves from the disease, you need to eat healthy foods. They will have an excellent prevention of the disease.

1. Kiwi. With kiwi can strengthen the immune system. Useful substances are contained not only in the fruit, but also the skins.
2. Orange. If you eat at least one orange a day, the daily rate of vitamin C, will be provided.
3. Red pepper. The red pepper has more vitamin C than citrus. Moreover, the improved vegetable vessels work.
4. Cabbage. Get late varieties of cabbage, because a lot of vitamin C contained in them
5. Parsley. Parsley can also make up for the daily requirement of vitamin C. The rate of 50 grams of green.
6. Onions. Do not forget the onion, it is also one of the leaders on the content of vitamin C.

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