Products to Enhance Fertility

090820165The desire to have sex depends on different factors. Sometimes the previous bad experiences, lack of orgasm or constant stress and fatigue lead to a decrease in sexual activity and fertility. Doctors warn that the lack of regular sex can significantly affect the hormonal balance and cause many diseases. That is why in order to increase fertility doctors recommend adding some healthy foods in your diet.

For example, make sure the menu should contain fish or seafood. Red fish, caviar, meat, squid and crab, mussels and oysters are excellent natural aphrodisiacs, so their regular consumption can significantly increase sexual desire. Furthermore, it is desirable to have a regular nuts, seeds and other products containing vegetable proteins and folic acid. Very useful dairy products and eggs. The protein contained in eggs, is well absorbed by the body and is a key to increase sexual desire. Remember to eat fruits, vegetables and other products that help increase libido.

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