Products which it is necessary to refuse during a breakfast

210162Many people, especially those who are engaged in a labor activity very often wake up in the mornings literally several minutes prior to appearance at work therefore there is only enough time to take a shower and to drink a coffee cup, at best, with sandwich. And it isn’t correct as, the breakfast shall be full because this meal is considered the most important for our organism. Physicians who recommend to the patients the most useful products which should be included in the morning menu also speak about it, and here it is better to refuse some.

For example, croissants which many people prefer to eat in the mornings. In spite of the fact that such pastries pretty tasty, it can do harm not only to your figure, but also health, having broken work of a pancreas.

At least flakes, popular now on breakfasts, with milk addition as advertising about advantage of this product literally doesn’t disappear from screens of TVs. But, it is not the truth as, except sugar they contain a set of various additives harmful to an organism. Much more tasty, and the most important, porridge to which milk, honey and powder of cocoa especially as it isn’t obligatory to cook all this is added will be more useful, and just to allow to a dish to infuse.