Products with a Long Shelf Life

Currently, each consumer monitors the shelf life of the product. This is correct, because spoiled goods can bring a lot of harm to health.

However, I want to say that there are many products that have an almost unlimited shelf life.

What are these products?

1. Fig. White rice has a very long shelf life of 30 years. There is one small condition – proper storage. The product should be stored in a cool place and in a vacuum package. In other words, the reserve of rice can be done safely.
2. Honey. Honey is another product that does not deteriorate. Eat honey safely, no matter how much it stood in the far corner of the pantry.
3. Salt. In the salt, no microorganisms are ever produced. Not in vain salt is used as a preservative. At the same time, she does her job well. Remember, it is impossible to cook jerky or fish without her participation.
4. Soy sauce. Natural soy sauce can be kept long enough. After opening the bottle, do not forget to put it in the refrigerator.

The stock of the above products can be done safely.

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