Prolonged Sleep on Weekends – the Guarantee of Health

01111619It is well known that in order for a person felt in good condition, it needs a healthy sleep for 8 hours.

However, there are cases where for some reasons, people can not afford to sleep over 5 hours a day. This is mainly due to the work at night as during the day before going to work, of course you can not sleep well, and after the night shift, usually people sleep less than 4 hours.

Scientists have shown that people with the work schedule, and sleep are at risk of diabetes 2 nd degree. As a result of experiments conducted by them they were able to show that those individuals that enough sleep on weekdays, you should compensate for the lack of sleep over the weekend, why sleep should last at least 10 hours.

Such prolonged sleep helps to restore strength and energy, resulting in increased efficiency.

Also, it was found that those people who have enough sleep constantly, more likely to use alcohol and smoking, and to give up these bad habits, it is much more difficult.

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