Proper Nail Polish Application

200820162Now many women and increasing their nails manicured at beauty salons. If you are not a supporter of such procedures, it is likely you will need to have all the knowledge on their own. If appliances edging manicure hold for many, the nail polish – not.

There is a lot of their nuances that need to know. If done correctly, the nail polish will stay for about a week.

1. Base. Before you apply varnish, it is necessary to cover the nail colorless base. This protects against damage and nail coloring in yellow.
2. Three strokes. To cover the nail varnish, you need three movements. First, we put the strip in the middle, and then to the left and right edges.
3. Two layers. Do not apply to the nail lacquer more than three layers.
4. Cold water. After applying varnish dip the tips of the nails in cold water. Lacquer dries much faster and will keep longer.
5. Storage varnish. Keep nail need in a dark and dry place. So it will last longer.
6. Do not use a quick-drying varnish. Such lacquers will never stay on nails for a long time.
Hopefully, these tips will be useful for many women.

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