Proper Nutrition in Hot Weather

2709201610Currently, more often in the summer is too hot weather. The heat is very hard work, but can not be helped. This time we have to somehow survive. So, how to eat properly in hot weather ?!

1. Liquid. In hot weather the body loses fluid catastrophically. It needs to fill. To do this, you need to drink water without gas or green tea. Drinking water should be every hour. This rule does not apply to people who are overweight or high blood pressure.
2. Reducing calories. In hot weather, do not need to eat very high-calorie meals. No cakes, salads with mayonnaise, fatty meats or fish. The body hard, do not need to load even more. Eat more vegetables and fruits. Do not forget about eating soups.
3. Diet. In the heat you need to change the diet. Breakfast should be around 7 am and dinner before noon.
4. Vitamins. During this period, the body loses a lot of vitamins and minerals. To make up for the lack of them, you need to eat more seasonal fruits.

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