Proper Preparation for Pregnancy

Every woman wants to have a baby. The desire to continue the kind of inherent in every human being. All perfectly natural.

So, if the time has come, it is necessary to properly prepare for pregnancy. What do we have to do?

1. Bad habits. For the 6 months before the planned pregnancy should quit smoking and drinking alcohol. It is important to stop smoking before pregnancy, in the future, the body does not create additional stress.
2. Nutrition. Naladte diet. The organism should receive all the necessary nutrients. More need to eat vegetables, fruits and herbs.
3. Sport. It is useful to go to the gym, to always be in good shape. At the same time, with the help of exercise can improve your mood. And it should always be positive.
4. Folic acid. During the 3 months before the planned pregnancy should start taking folic acid. Drink it can be for both women and men. This vitamin is very important in the early pregnancy. Drink it must be the entire first trimester.

Good luck, future moms!

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