Psychologists argue about the need proper rest

04101617Psychologists say that the normal state of health, one needs a rest, both morally and physically.

On the condition of the people affected, as the financial situation, and how they spend their free time. It is clear that in any family where, for a long time, there are financial problems, very often there are quarrels among family members, which negatively affects the overall psychological state.

American scientists conducted a survey, which was attended by more than 19 thousand people living in the different countries in which they tried to find out how people relax in their free time.

Most of the respondents said that to calm them enough when reading, while half of the people prefer to go to nature, to breathe fresh air and enjoy the local attractions. Third place in this ranking is given to those citizens who, to recuperate enough to be alone for a while. For some of them, listening to your favorite music helps to restore the psychological state.

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