Psychologists Recommend to Praise Children

2210167According to psychologists, the children very much need to be praised.

However, it should be done for a reason, namely, when the child has done something useful or something showed itself.

Experts note that the well-deserved praise a very positive effect on the development of children’s consciousness. This is especially true in situations where the kid really distinguished himself or done something good. For example, if the child has decided to help my mom with cleaning the house, he must be sure to say that it is well done.

In addition, to encourage and praise must also be any child’s success in school, sports achievements or other areas. Psychologists say that it helps the child get extra motivation and progress in its development. But if you do not praise your child, it may adversely affect its activity, and to fight off the desire to do something. Moreover, children who are not getting the deserved praise, often grow closed and have no ambitions for self-development.

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