Recipes for all Occasions

270920167Everyone wants to be healthy. Moreover, in a life it can happen. No one is immune from any force majeure. They need to be always ready to quickly help themselves or someone from the family members.

1. Headache. If you have a headache you need to drink a glass of water and tightly close the curtains. It is desirable that the room was full of silence. If the pain is associated with low blood pressure, you need to drink a cup of coffee or eat a piece of dark chocolate.
2. Cuts. If cuts need to treat the wound with hydrogen peroxide or any antiseptic, which is the home. If the wound is deep, then you need to immediately go to the hospital.
3. Pain in the legs. The whole day had been in high-heeled shoes? In the evening is guaranteed feeling of tiredness in the legs. To cope with this problem, you need to wash the feet with cold water and put them on the pillow.
4. The Hangover. If you receive a cheerful night before, the morning will be very bad. In order to alleviate the condition, you can take a pill from a hangover. On this day, try to eat more tomatoes and apples.

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