Recommendations for High Cholesterol

240820162Many human diseases arise from the fact that high cholesterol levels is observed in his blood. Due to its deposition on the walls of blood vessels in humans having such diseases as multiple sclerosis, that leads to heart disease, and then to a heart attack.

In order to avoid these consequences and to prevent high cholesterol was observed, it is necessary to conduct a correct way of life in the blood. Also, the need to constantly eat a balanced diet, which includes foods menu without high content of saturated fatty acids that contribute to weight gain. Best of all, if your diet you do not turn the fish oil-rich, more vegetables and fruits, legumes and nuts.

Butter is desirable to replace the plant, and even better olive. And, perhaps most important, it is that people who have addictions, meant smoking and excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages, must first abandon them, since in addition to the harm they do not provide any nutrients the body.

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