Recommendations For the Protection of the Pancreas

080820167The pancreas is a very important organ in the human body, so the problems with it can do more harm to your health. The first symptoms of diseases of the pancreas – is unpleasant painful sensations that occur right of the abdomen and have a sharp character displays. If you have these problems, then be sure to check out some useful recommendations on how to protect the pancreas.

First of all you need to adjust your diet. It is advisable to completely abandon fried foods or reduce its consumption to a minimum. The daily menu is recommended to add broccoli or any kind of cabbage. Also, be sure to throw all the bad habits – alcohol, smoking, drugs.

Very positive pancreatic operation affects bowel normalization. So, every day you should drink at least 1-2 machine yogurt or yogurt to maintain the normal microflora in the gut. Using these simple rules and recommendations, you will be able to permanently extend the work of his pancreas and improve its status several times.

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