Refueling for Electronic Cigarettes are Very Dangerous For Children

140820162Today it is very fashionable to smoke electronic cigarettes. Many scientific researchers say that smoking of electronic cigarettes is safer for the human body. However, Dr. Sanjay Gupta recently spoke about the fact that many parents are very carelessly relate to parts storage security for its electronic cigarettes. In particular, we are talking about the can of liquid for filling of cigarettes.

Very often parents leave such cans unattended in the open accessibility for children. Moreover, some even allow their children to play with these cans, not knowing what is at risk of their baby. The fact that the composition of this liquid is nicotine. Sanjay Gupta recalls that the lethal dose of nicotine for an adult is about 40 mg, and in fact for a young child, this dose can be several times smaller.

For this reason, the famous pediatrician Sanjay Gupta asks parents to pay attention to the issue of charging for the storage of electronic cigarettes out of the reach of children.

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