Refusal of Food during the Summer Season

160920164Summer – a favorite time for many people. But in this period, you should always be on the alert. In hot weather, many of the products are subject to damage. If you eat low-quality product, it is possible to get to the hospital with poisoning. To avoid this, you need to know the list of products that are dangerous to human health during the summer.

1. Milk and milk products. Dairy products are perishable. If you buy them on a regular basis, choose the store, where there are refrigerators.
2. Salads. We are talking about all kinds of salads that are filled with mayonnaise. Sometimes the refrigerator will not be able to cope with the task.
3. Meat and fish. You should never buy meat or fish that is kept by the Seller without a refrigerator.
4. Eggs. Never buy in a store nadbitye eggs.
5. Sausage. If a violation of the integrity of the package of sausage, it also is not worth buying.
6. Vegetables and fruits. Never buy vegetables or fruits with damaged skin. This also applies to the notched watermelons and cantaloupes.

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