Refusal of Harmful Food Ingredients

080920165Each kitchen has a variety of products, from the use of which should be discarded. This is due to the fact that they are harmful to health. On the few who knows so and acquire products in the supermarket. Let’s see, what products should not be in the kitchen?

1. Cheap vegetable oil. Do not buy corn or soybean oil, as they contain a lot of saturated fat. Prefer avocado oil.
2. Margarine. The margarines contain trans fats, which lead to obesity and cancer.
3. Cream. The cream contains a lot of calories, so it’s a straight road to obesity.
4. Dyes. For cooking, do not use food coloring, as they contain carcinogens. Choose natural colorants (beetroot, peppers).
5. Bold stuffing. Eat lean meat better. This will protect you from diseases of the cardiovascular system.
6. Canned vegetables. Do not eat canned foods, they often added MSG. It can cause pain in the stomach. In the summer better to eat fresh vegetables and fruits, and frozen in winter.

Be healthy!

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