Regular sex helps in the treatment of diseases

30091622When you have sex all the time, it significantly reduces the risk of various diseases.

It turns out that positive emotions, which feels a man and a woman during sexual intercourse, a positive effect on their mental health and helps improve blood circulation. As practice shows, regular sex increases the activity of the immune system, help fight obesity and reduce the risk of migraine and headache.

In addition, regular sex is a kind of “elixir of youth.” Recent scientific studies show that people who have sex four times a week, on average, look younger than their peers by about 8-12 years.

But most importantly – regular sex shows for people who want to lose weight. As practice shows, the average in sex at least 3-4 times a week, a person can lose weight up to 6 kg in one month.

Sex is a good source of endorphin, which ensures the stability of the nervous system and is a kind of painkiller.