Relocate Useful For Health

100820165Statistics show that the average person throughout life moves to a new location about 4-6 times. It is noteworthy that the move is not only beneficial in terms of changes in the standard of living, but also has a positive impact on human health.

Experts from the University of New Hampshire conducted a survey among 1000 people. All respondents were already at an advanced age, so they are all at least once in life moved to a new residence. Study participants were asked two questions – What are the most significant events in your life and name the number of crossings. As it turned out, the majority of some bright and positive moments in the lives of people strikingly coincided with a period of time when they change their place of residence.

Scientists explain that the move into a new apartment or a new house is very bright event for humans, so the brain automatically puts the time into memory and store this information throughout life. In addition, a change of scenery and climate also has a positive effect on the condition of the body, improve the immune system and activate the many natural processes. Moreover, modern psychologists recommend the move as a remedy for severe depression and other psychological disorders.

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