Respect for Women’s Personal Hygiene

Every woman should take care of their personal hygiene. No doubt, every woman does. But it so happens that sometimes not knowing any information leading to serious consequences.

So, what are the rules of personal hygiene are there?

1. Washing away. You need to wash 2 times a day. Thus, once necessary to use soap, and the second time will be sufficient – water flow. It is important to wash from front to back, and not vice versa. Otherwise, the vagina can get germs from the anus.
2. Soap. Now on the market represented a huge amount of funds for personal hygiene. Use the tool that is more appropriate.
3. Gaskets. You can use panty liners. But this can not be done every day. During their use, try to change them as often as possible.
4. Critical days. During the critical days should be more careful to observe good personal hygiene. Tampons can be used as an exception. Remember this always.

Observe good personal hygiene, it will save you from many diseases!

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