Rest of Manicure

250820169Every woman strives for perfection. This applies to everything: hair, nails, make-up, skin. How do you want to always look at 100. But sometimes it plays a cruel joke with the women. What does it mean?

Very often women are abusing all sorts of procedures. Today we present an example manicure. The nails themselves will require rest. How will it be shown? Most often may appear nicks and bumps around the nail fold. If this appears, do not aggravate the situation. Let the nails get some rest. Make it simple.

Avoid the use of varnish. This will not only strengthen your nails, but also returns the original luster. All chemicals have a negative impact on the nail (varnishes, gel nail polish remover). After the break, nails will become smoother. Take frequent baths with the addition of sea salt. To moisturize the skin, use olive oil.

Undoubtedly, the nails should always look clean, neat and well-groomed. But do not do manicures too often, because it can happen the opposite effect.

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