Restoring Nails after the Procedure of Building Up

Nail extensions are a very popular procedure. Women are ready to give the last funds to bring their nails in order. There is nothing wrong. Only this procedure is not as safe as we are told by those who do it. After her nails need a very long time to restore. They become thin and lifeless.

So, how can you quickly restore your nails after building?

1. Vitamins. Need to drink a course of vitamins for the nails. They will need food from the inside. This can be done with the help of vitamins and minerals that work in the complex.
2. Baths. Every day you need to make baths. It is best to add sea salt to the water. It perfectly strengthens the nails. If desired, you can add a few drops of iodine.
3. Varnish. Get a lacquer that contains calcium. With it, you can make the nails a little thicker.
4. Gloves. All work must be done with gloves. Do not aggravate the situation.

Dear women, before you grow your nails, think carefully. What nature has given us is always better and more beautiful.

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