Restricting food is ineffective for weight loss

2908163Nowadays, many women want to lose weight.

Being in a state of increased activity, they often use different diets, which should help them to accelerate this process. However, sometimes it is due to improper diet effect of weight loss is short-term and after the resumption of normal diet the lost weight back again.

For this reason, doctors advise not to reduce the volume of food eaten, and just modify it. For example, instead of a hamburger or greasy fries you can eat the same volume on the portion of green salad or fruit. In this case, you will not feel hungry, but the body will go much lower in calories, so weight loss process will not be disturbed.

Another rule – the correct dosage portions. In order to lose weight you need to eat more often, but portion sizes do less. Thus you will be able to step up internal processes and, above all, a good start the metabolism. If you do everything correctly, then after a while you will notice that the extra weight gradually leave. But most importantly, they do not return within 2 weeks after you reset them.

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