Rubber Boots

240920163Everyone with the onset of autumn knows that in the locker room without rubber boots just can not do. With their help, you can always protect your feet from moisture. And as you know the legs should always be warm and dry. This is an excellent prevention of colds.

But always there is a logical question – how to choose and wear rubber boots. So, if you do not have rubber boots, then they need to buy. Another time there.

Immediately is to say that, if the weather allows it, you do not need a reason to wear rubber boots. In this there is no need. 4 hours – this time allowed wear rubber boots.

It is very important before you buy them thoroughly inspect them. Rubber must be solid without any damage. If none of that, then put – plus.

Now look at the soles. It should not be perfectly flat and smooth. It should be drawing, which have a better grip.

Under the rubber boots are best worn socks (wool). In no case do not wear nylon stuff. Be healthy!

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