Rules of Cheerful Morning

091120161Everyone wants to feel for a day full of strength and energy. However, not all it turns out. This is for many reasons (lack of sleep, bad weather is).

If you follow these simple rules, you can do brisk morning, and the day more joyful and productive. To achieve this is very simple.

1. Falling asleep. To morning started well, you need to sleep properly. It concerns the fact that the need to go to bed on time (no later than 23.00), and still not eat a heavy meal at night (grilled meat, potatoes, pasta). Before going to bed is useful to drink a glass of kefir. If you have trouble falling asleep, you can brew a cup of mint tea.
2. Smile. It is important to smile after waking. This is a very simple rule, but, unfortunately, very few people believe in him. As the day will be started, so he will be held. Yet you never have to get out of bed abruptly. You can always soak up a bit.
3. Mode. Equally important mode. You should always go to bed at the same time. Do not forget, after waking up to open the curtains. Sunlight always promotes good mood.
4. Charging. Morning warm up – this is what you need in the morning. With its help you can also be charged with positive energy.
5. Shower. After charging, take a contrast shower. It will help to cheer up and wake up completely.

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