Rules of Store Perfume

190820161Who is false to find a woman who does not use perfume. Most likely, such is not there. With the help of the spirits woman can perfectly complete your image and emphasize individuality.

But it is interesting to see all the women keep spirits right? Let’s see how it is worth to keep the spirits to serve us until there are no more in the bottle.

1. Protect from light. It is important to keep the spirits in a dark place. In light of perfume components can enter various chemical reactions.
2. Temperature. The temperature in the room in which the stored perfumes, should not exceed 22 degrees Celsius. If the temperature is higher, then perfume and color may change.
3. Moisture. For spirits and humidity is important. Bathroom – not the best place to store perfume.
4. Box. Leave a box of perfume, only to solve the most hostess. There are no clear requirements or regulations.
5. Shelf life. Keep track of expiry date. The Spirits it 3-5 years. Of course, after the expiration date expires, the perfume can use. Attention, but the smell may become others.

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