Running Improves Memory

24101619Many different experts have repeatedly spoken of the benefits of a morning run.

Indeed, an active start to the day always has a large number of positive characteristics, which largely help to properly prepare the body to work or other matters. However, recently it was found that morning jog quite a positive impact not only on the blood circulation and mood, but also helps improve memory.

Researchers found that while jogging in the human body produces a stress hormone called cortisol. Due to such a physical activity improves the body’s cortisol and, above all, improve memory function.

Thus, the maximum amount of hormone produced in the process is running. Experts divide the participants in the experiment into 3 groups. First made regular runs, the second game in the active computer games (shooters, simulators), and the third – just hiking. As a result, the best results were reported memory improvement is in the first group.

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