Salty foods may help with headaches

03101624It is well known that the use of salt in food is able to cause different side effects.

However, recently scientists have found a positive properties of this product. It turns out that at the use of salty foods can significantly reduce headaches or even migraines. This is a unique and new properties of this product category was discovered a few weeks ago, American scientists.

The experiments involved more than 8,500 people. It turns out that people who consume foods with a lot of salt, it is much less likely to suffer from headaches or migraines, than those who are completely excluded the purged from his daily diet.

However, we should not forget that the excessive consumption of salt in the body is often a cause of cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure. For this reason, experts recommend that all respect the rules and limit the consumption of this product if you want to really maintain your health.

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