Saving During a Visit

050920162Here come the happiest day – will take place on a first date with my girlfriend. It seems that everything has to be perfect and at the highest level. However, that can offer a student who receives a scholarship? Bouquet of daisies and nothing more. So how can you save money n date?

1. Walking. You can always take a stroll in the park and forest.
2. Museum. Visit the city’s museums often free.
3. Cinema. If you want to see the film, it is best to visit it in the morning. Evening sessions are always more expensive.
4. Dish. It is not necessary to go to the cafe. It is best to cook some new dish together.
5. Game. Buy the game (bingo, chess), and play.
6. View the movie at home. You can always buy sweets for tea and watch your favorite movie at home.
7. Dinner by candlelight. Arrange a romantic evening.
8. Day of creativity. Spend the day playing the guitar or violin.
9. Games on fresh air. Go to playgrounds and play badminton, volleyball.
10. Volunteer. Seek help not only people but also animals.

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