Saving of Time

020920162Men are accustomed to, that women are always late. They can miss anywhere: at work, in the theater, on examination, to visit. It seems that women in this blood. As if there was not, you need to learn to save time. You can not force other people to wait (this is considered bad form). So what should you do to be late?

1. Planning and early start. All you need to plan your actions. To start any business, you need to advance.
2. Rule two minutes. If something can be done either in two minutes, it is necessary to proceed with the case immediately. Do not procrastinate.
3. Grouping. If you need to perform similar tasks, they should be grouped. This saves time and effort.
4. Notes. Now a person receives a lot of information, so that nothing should be done to forget yourself notes.
5. In store. Buy products and prepare for the future have to eat. It will also allow you not only save time, but also to spend it more profitable.
6. Waiting. If you have something or someone to wait, no need to sit around. At this time, you can create to-do list and make a call.

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