Seafood Positive Effect on Longevity

04111612As it became known as a result of research, the most centenarians in those countries where their diet includes seafood.

One such country is Spain, whose inhabitants, in addition to a large consumption of fruits and vegetables, as well as olive oil, eat large amounts of fish, shrimp, seaweed and other seafood.

Due to the fact that seafood contains high amounts of vitamins and minerals, they have a positive effect on the heart. People who suffer from high blood pressure, replacing his menu meat red varieties on fish dishes, noticed significant improvement in health status.

Another positive factor is that the fish products does not contribute to a set of extra kilos, of which there is a majority of diseases, including diabetes, negatively influencing the life expectancy.

According to statistics, among the people who have managed to live up to 90 years or more, it does not meet a single person with excess weight, therefore, at least 2 times a week on your table should be present dishes made from fish.

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