Beauty Secrets of Lily Donaldson

Beauty Secrets of Lily DonaldsonLily Donaldson – British model. This young and beautiful girl who recently began her modeling career. It is worth noting that things are going very well, and she has achieved unprecedented heights. As this fragile young girl manages to combine both work and personal life ?! Today we learn all its secrets and secrets.

  • Skin. Model sure that the skin is important just two procedures – a moisturizing opinie Fito Spray Polska and cleansing. He does not play such a huge role as the two simple procedures. All very simple, most importantly, do not be lazy to hold them every morning.
  • Nutrition. Model loves to eat, and it sometimes allows himself to break the diet. However, a few weeks before the show begins a completely different life, which does not place harmful foods and having to pay for an extra helping of fries.
  • Sport. Model engaged in yoga and swimming. Exercise always helps to be in good shape. In addition, after the employment of women will never feel sad and discouraged. Busting their laziness and jogging to the gym.

Effective Exercises For A Beautiful Back

The British model does not miss the opportunity to please its fans by wearing dresses with an open FitoSpray France minceur back.

It always looks impressive and tempting. Of course the star monitors its physical shape and does not allow the appearance of at least one fat fold on the body. Lily Donaldson has his own methods of fighting fat on the waist and shoulder blades.

Complex for every day:

  1. Push-ups. This exercise will help not only to lose weight in the back area, but also to tighten sagging skin. Take the position of the horizontal bar. Lower the body slowly and as low as possible, then go up. Exercise should be done 15 times in 3 sets.
  2. Jumping with a skipping rope. Devote this lesson to 20 minutes a day, and you will notice the result. Very effective cardio-load, which will help to lose weight in general and remove fat from the back.
  3. Locust. This exercise is used in yoga. I need to lie down face down. Straighten the whole body and place your hands along. It is necessary to raise arms and legs synchronously. When lifting, hold for three seconds, then slowly lower the limbs. You FitoSpray Deutschland Abmagerung should do 3 sets of 10 times.
  4. Thrust of dumbbells. Become straight, legs slightly apart. Dumbbells are located near the feet. Squat, while taking dumbbells. Then straighten out, hands continuing to hold in the starting position. We raise the projectile from the floor and hold it in its straightened arms. We lift dumbbells, bending arms. Repeats are done 15 times for 4 approaches.
  5. Rounds on the ball. To perform this exercise, you need a fitness ball. It is necessary to lie on his back, in the waist, so as not to fall with feet on the floor, hands hold arbitrarily, as conveniently. Now slowly take opiniones del Fito Spray España up the hull, without taking your back from the ball. Hold for two seconds slowly go down. It is necessary to carry out 10 approaches.
  6. Rowing with your hands. Time to perform 3-6 minutes. Stand up straight and active with the hands, clockwise and back. The popular model recommends for daily training, add proper nutrition and the use of clean, drinking water. To achieve a quick Recensioni Fito Spray Italia result, in a short time, visit the masseur and perform cosmetic procedures, for example, wrapping. All the recommendations that will be implemented will help achieve your goal in getting rid of excess kilograms.