Secrets Charming of Tatiana Navka

190820165Tatiana Navka is known skater from Russia. It is no longer a young woman, but it does not prevent her to conquer the hearts of very powerful men. Despite his age, skater managed to maintain a good shape and appearance. Today, the star will share their secrets.

1. Skin. The skin needs constant and careful care. It is important to regularly visit a beautician. If you do not follow simple rules of care, then do not look for good skin condition.
2. Hair. If a woman dyes her hair, it should at least once a week to put them nourishing mask.
3. Nutrition. A woman should always eat right. Avoid fried and canned food. It brings only harm to the body.
4. Sport. Without sports skater can not imagine his life. At the rink she was being a little girl. Since that time, nothing has changed. Regular sports activities – this is what you need for the female figure and harmony.
5. Positive. Think and do good works. Try not to lose heart, and just enjoy life.

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