Secrets of a Beautiful Tan

0109201610Every woman, going to the sea, wants to return to the beautiful and even tan. . There is nothing more beautiful than tanned and shapely legs. To tan was perfect you need to know a few secrets. Moreover, as, according to scientists, with the help of sunlight can overcome depression.

1. Time. Always check the residence time in the sun. The hottest hours is not necessary to spend on the beach.
2. Eating. After sunbathing is not necessary to immediately eat. During this period it is important to give up the spicy food.
3. Burn. If the burn has been received, it is best to use the drug on the basis of the gel. It is important to remember if you are sunburned, it’s not a reason to assume that you are not afraid burns.
4. Diligence skin. Remember, premature aging of the skin causing it ultra-violet rays.
5. Air conditioning and cold drinks. In hot weather, it is not necessary to set the temperature in the air conditioner at a minimum. It is not necessary to drink very cold beverages. On the sea you need to relax and not get sick.

If you abide by these simple rules, you go on holiday without incident and you will return home with tanned skin.

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