Secrets of Beautiful Makeup

Now many women are painted. Only if older women have experience and taste, then young girls can not say that. To put it mildly, their make-up leaves much to be desired. Sometimes it’s just awful.

So, how to properly apply makeup. It will be interesting to learn many!

1. The emphasis. It is always important to remember that the emphasis should be on one thing – the eyes or the lips. Never break this rule.
2. The tone. To make the makeup look perfect, the tone of the face should also be superimposed in the best way.
3. Problem skin. If the skin is a problem, then before applying the tone, it is best to use a smoothing lotion.
4. Mascara. There is nothing more beautiful and elegant than black mascara on eyelashes. I want to note that it is black. Brown or purple mascara looks comical.
5. The concealer. With the concealer, you can hide the dark circles under the eyes. This trick is often used by the stars, because they do not always manage to get enough sleep.

Dear women, beautiful makeup is important. But even more significant, the glint in the eyes and a charming smile.

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