Secrets of Japanese Longevity

240920162Everybody knows that the Japanese have the highest life expectancy. Many nations want to learn from their experience, but not always work. So what are the secrets of the Japanese store ?!

1. Power. The Japanese always see to it that they eat. It is known that rice – this is one of the most favorite dishes. Note to those who eat rice every day, do not suffer from cardiovascular disease.
2. Fish. Fish is very useful for the human body, and the Japanese eat it in sufficient quantities.
3. Water. The Japanese drink enough water. In addition, they do not abandon green tea. In this regard, they never collide with the dewatering problem.
4. Fruits and Vegetables. The Japanese also do not forget about the use of fruits and vegetables. According to them, they must necessarily be bright green or bright orange.

As you can see, about any fast food even speech is not. If a person wants to be healthy, it will always take care of their nutrition.

It is said that the atmosphere in the Japanese family is always friendly. All family members are respectful to each other.

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