Secrets of Longevity

250920168All of us sooner or later grow old. However, recently scientists have noticed an interesting and an unusual pattern. It turns out that those people who are least think about your age and do not worry about this, live much longer. In particular, these results are published after the conducted studies of elderly people who have a different outlook and a different attitude to his age.

Experiments have shown that people who are not serious about their age and do not have any difficulties in this regard, much longer. On the contrary, those people who are constantly fixated on how old they are, much faster grow old and die.

This study was carried out well-known organization JAMA Internal Medicine. The researchers admit that people who feel mentally young, much longer remain the same in the physical plane. That is why, in order to live longer, you need to constantly maintain an active lifestyle and not have to worry about how many years you today.

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