Sex During Menopause

15101618Many women think that after menopause their intimate life to end.

In fact, this period in the life of every woman is associated with certain changes. After declining estrogen levels in a woman’s body, it provokes vaginal dryness and reduces the desire to have sex. However, if you still have the physical ability and the desire of intimacy, then there are no restrictions in this case.

Today, a huge number of special lubricants and other intimate additional gels that can be used in this case. In addition, you can always use the additional funds to increase their sexual desire.

Sex during menopause not only harmless, but even helpful. Doctors recommend not to stop sex life even after menopause. This helps maintain the vaginal muscles in good condition and improve health. In addition, sex helps a woman always have a good hormonal balance, therefore, is very important.

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