Should I Build up the Lashes?

220820162Every woman aspires to maximum perfection. To do this, the beautiful half of humanity is ready to do more.

Currently very popular eyelash. However, many women do not even realize what kind of danger it poses. Very often, women are faced with such a problem as an allergic reaction. In addition, if a woman has natural lashes brittle and thin, the extended eyelashes will stay less than due. After the procedure should not lose the eye for 24 hours and wash with hot water. In addition, the sun is also not necessary to spend a lot of time, because the eyelashes can stick together. After 3-4 weeks of artificial eyelashes will fall away. But there is one important point, they will fall off with the natural lashes. Undoubtedly, your eyelashes grow back, but this fact is not something pleasant.

So, decide to build lashes or not, is the woman herself. However, before the procedure is necessary to once again all to weigh carefully. If the decision is positive, then be sure to find a good master.

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