Should Not Use the Home Inhalation

26101615During colds, when there is a cough and runny nose, but there is no temperature, some people do not pay attention to it, and prefer to treat themselves at home.

Only after there is a high temperature, seek the help of doctors, who sometimes have to treat not only the cold, but also more serious disease resulting from complications.

Before you begin to treat any disease, it is necessary to establish an accurate diagnosis, which can be done only by a specialist.

Often, in order to get rid of a cough and runny nose, people used to do inhalation at home. However, they did not suspect that it is fraught with can affect their health, because the microbes multiplied more rapidly in a moist environment, especially since such a procedure is not suitable for everyone equally. There have been cases when, during inhalation in humans occurred dizziness and even loss of consciousness.

Especially this treatment should not be carried out with the children, because, so hot air can burn their delicate skin.

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