Signs of Beer Dependence

Nowadays, more and more people are drinking beer. In this case, even women do not disdain this drink. I want to say that the problem is serious. So to alcoholism is not far away.

So, what signs of beer dependence can be distinguished?

1. Liters of beer. If a person drinks one liter of beer per day, then this is an occasion to reflect on the problem.
2. Irritability. If a person does not drink a drink, then he becomes angry and irritable.
3. Earlier morning. Drinking beer early in the morning is the obvious cause of the problem.
4. Bags under the eyes. Puffiness of the face, confusion, bags under the eyes – all these are clear signs that the person is sick.
5. Beer belly. From beer there is a huge set of weight. At the same time, fat is deposited in a strictly defined zone – the stomach. The stomach becomes simply huge. Such men can be compared with a pregnant woman on the last term.
6. Breast growth. Men who abuse the drink, note the growth of the mammary glands. This is called in medicine – gynecomastia.

Take care of yourself. Alcoholism is the way to nowhere.

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