Signs of Mental Aging

090820167The word retirement is most often used to describe a certain age period. However, old age is not only biological, but also psychological. Sometimes people in the 30-35 years old people can feel and experience the same psychological problems, as well as those who have more than 70 years. In order to understand whether you have a penchant for psychological aging, we recommend that you learn a few basic signs of this problem:

1. Psychological aging is often seen the emergence of nostalgia and memories of his youth, increased irritation and prolonged depression.
2. Very often, people who suffer from this problem, quarrel with young people and believe that they are wrong.
3. In addition, psychological aging is characterized by a complete lack of desire for self-development, learning new technologies or advances of computer technology.
4. Clothing becomes a man more usually necessary, so it is absolutely not watching fashion and is just what it is convenient.
5. The person ceases to participate in noisy parties and tires easily at youth festivals. He was interesting to see the movie on television in the evening, rather than to meet friends.

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