Signs of Poor Gynecologist

190920161Every woman should be every six months to visit a gynecologist. This is due to the fact that regular inspection is a must. Always the disease is easier to prevent than to treat. However, very often women can not quite get to the conscientious doctor. So, how to identify poor gynecologist?

1. The financial aspect. Doctor alludes to the fact that its services are not free and he needs you to “gratitude”.
2. Disease and analyzes. You can never make a diagnosis without testing.
3. Treatment. Before we prescribe treatment doctor should perform a thorough inspection. Upon receipt of assays can speak about treatment.
4. Infections. If a woman has discovered all infections that are sexually transmitted, but no complaints of the patient.
5. Treatment and diagnosis. If the prescribed treatment does not meet the diagnosis.
6. Pharmacy and Laboratory. If you are directed to a specific lab for tests or pharmacy. This suggests collusion. Unfortunately, this is a very common pattern.
7. Mystery. Each physician must comply with medical confidentiality.

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