Skin Care Body

030920162Many women are particularly well cared for skin. In it they can spend huge amount of money. Various procedures and masks. All this is particularly actively performed not only in a beauty salon, but also at home. This is due to the fact that the person always pay attention. As for the body of the skin, it it the fair sex safely forget. Although it is fundamentally wrong. Care about beauty need the whole body, rather than individual sites. Otherwise, then it will be too late. So, what care is needed body? What procedures need to carry the woman to keep the body skin longer young?

1. Peeling. One soul is not enough to completely cleanse the skin from dead cells. At first glance, the skin is clean, but it is home to thousands of micro-organisms. Thus, peeling should be done at least once a week.
2. Steam. Be sure to visit the sauna or steam bath. After visiting the skin becomes silky, and pores will be cleared and opened.
3. Moisturize. After taking a shower do not forget to apply a moisturizing oil. In winter it is best to choose a nourishing cream.

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