Skin Care During Pregnancy

3008201610Each woman will sooner or later encounter with such an important period in his life as pregnancy. At this time, a woman will no longer think of themselves as the new life will emerge in it. Still, we should not forget about their appearance. So today we will talk about such an important topic – how to skin care during pregnancy.

1. Oily skin. Most often, the skin becomes oily during the first trimester. To cope with this problem need to: regularly clean the skin to moisturize it and make a mask. It should be noted that it is possible to use it for home remedies. Remember, in cosmetics from the store can contain harmful substances that can adversely affect the unborn child.
2. Dry skin. Dry skin is a pregnant woman in the second trimester. To cope with this problem need to drink more clean water. The problem of this kind must be fought from within. In addition, it is very important to do a hydrating mask once a week. To moisturize the skin ideal olive oil. It can be used not only alone, but also added as the auxiliary component.

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